Meet Our Practitioners/Therapists

John Mitchell, Owner
NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/First Aid Certification
ABMP Member

John was born in upstate New York. At a young age he had a very strong interest in fitness and massage. In his early teens, he began bodybuilding and studied several workout techniques. With almost 20 years in the fitness industry and advanced education in fitness and nutrition; John became very inclined in proper fitness programs that are safe, fun, and most effective.

His passion for massage therapy grew over the years. Being deeply involved with boxing and mixed martial arts; John started to understand that massage therapy is necessary for athletes to heal faster, maintain proper range of motion, and to reduce pain. He also learned that not just athletes need massage therapy but so do the elderly with joint issues, children with anxiety and pain, and people with chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease and arthritis.

With his educational background in both massage and fitness, John opened up his own wellness practice in Clifton Park, NY. Advanced Bodyworks offers a wide range of services that assist people to advance their health with Massage Therapy, Fitness Training, Nutrition.

John strongly believes in giving back to the community and helping others in need. He participates in fundraisers, charity events, and volunteer work for local churches, organizations, and hospitals. Please feel free to contact Advanced Bodyworks for John’s support!

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